Multideck chilled food unit

Chilled Multidecks

The Retail Catering Solutions range of chilled multidecks are designed to keep your food products chilled whilst maximising their presentation to drive sales.

The units come finished in a bright stainless steel with central feature panels to draw the customers eye to your products. With options including insulated roller shutter, night blinds, interchangeable coloured panels and front mounted retail baskets these chilled multidecks meet the needs of a demanding food service site.

The chilled multideck technology keeps the food products in optimum condition by retaining the forced chilled air within the cabinet and equally across the shelves. By keeping the chilled air within the cabinet end users can expect to see energy savings of up to 40%.

The advanced technology includes a revolutionary EC fan motor with self-cleaning to avoid condenser blockages which, in turn, reduces servicing and maintenance costs.

This state-of-the-art range fits perfectly with the Retail Catering Solutions range of heated multidecks.

cool shutters

Insulated roller shutters

Improved air circulation offers savings to running costs of up to 40%

  Chilled temperature range 2–5ºC

Ambient temperature max 36%

Revolutionary self-cleaning fan motor

Integral evaporator

Digital readout with auto defrost cycle

Powered via 13a plug on a 3m lead

Insulated shutter or night blind available

Units can be coloured to any RAL*

Optional wire baskets to front

* Colour customisation charged separately

2 year warranty

Buy with confidence