Multideck Hot

Hot Multidecks

The Retail Catering Solutions range of heated
multidecks are designed to keep your products
preserved whilst maximising their presentation
to drive sales.

Our range comes fully equipped with concealed
LED lighting to the front to give an equal spread
of illumination over your display. The units come
finished in a bright stainless steel with central feature
panels to draw the customers eye to your products.
With options including interchangeable coloured
panels these heated multidecks meet the needs of
a demanding site.

The heated multideck technology keeps the food
products at optimum condition by spreading the
hot air equally across the shelves – this is achieved
by passing blown air over a heat element within
each shelf. Each of the shelves comes with a
removable cover and wire tray for easy cleaning.
They are designed to keep produce at a regulated
temperature of 63-72ºC and comes with a digital
read out for each shelf within an easy access
hinged front control panel.

This state-of-the-art range fits perfectly with the
Retail Catering Solutions range of chilled

heated multideck diagram

Temperature range 63–72ºC

  Blown air heated for constant temperature

Powered via 13a plug on 3m lead

Digital readouts via easy access control panel

Digital readout with auto defrost cycle

Powered via 13a plug on a 3m lead

Finished in bright polished stainless steel

Charcoal feature panels

Alternatively, units can be coloured to any RAL*

* Colour customisation charged separately

2 year warranty

Buy with confidence