Express Lane Plus

The Express Lane Plus

The Express Lane Plus is our largest self catering unit. It features LED lights, a wide choice of laminates and customisable overhead and back panels ideal for branding.

It has space for hot and chilled displays, plus a five shelved retail bay. The 40mm worktop will comfortably take a hot beverage machine, hot water boiler or juice machine.

It features three pull down shutters and lockable base storage cupboards for when it is not in use.

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plus branding

Bespoke graphics can be applied

  1.5m lockable base storage cupboard

40mm thick laminate worktop on base unit

3 LED lights over worktop

Open void for 950w Chilled or Hot display

Open void for 1250w Chilled display

650w retail bay inc 5 shelves & shutter

Open section over displays for ventilation

Vast choice of Egger laminates

3 pull down shutters

plus shutters

3 pull down shutters